Geothermal GeoExchange Vancouver BC Commercial Residential Incentives

Heating & Cooling with Geoexchange

Whatever the weather, nothing is more efficient!

The Geoexchange Advantage
SolarWall Solar Air Heat British Columbia Engineered Commercial

Solar Air Heating

Heating air with the sun.

Solar Simplicity
Solar Hot Water Solar Thermal Vancouver BC Commercial Residential Incentives

Solar Hot Water

Affordable, efficient, and reliable

Capture The Sun

Stage 3 Renewables designs and installs custom Renewable Thermal Systems

Solar Hot Water Vancouver British Columbia

Solar Hot Water

Capture the Sun’s energy and use it in your home, business, or facility. Trust our experience to provide performance and quality.

Commercial & Residential Geothermal Heating Vancouver British Columbia

Geo Heating & Cooling

Renewable earth energy can provide heating and cooling for years to come. Geothermal heat pumps offer unrivalled performance and longevity.

Wood Gasification Boiler Fuel Vancouver BC

Wood Gasification

Todays wood gasification boilers are clean burning and state of the art. Renewable wood heat is both economical and reliable.

Solar Air Wall Vancouver British Columbia

Solar Air Heating

Moving solar heated air from where you don’t need it, to where you do.

Solar Outdoor Pool

This seasonal pool application uses unglazed solar pool heaters to circulate water from the pool to the solar collectors when solar is available and required.

School Geoexchange

This retrofit geo-exchange project interacts with existing building air handling units to reduce space heating loads and deliver energy at a high coefficient of performance than the original system. Heating is staged in with geo-exchange as priority and the original...

Solar Air Collector – Renewable Space Heat in Northern Climates

The idea of heating a space with the sun is very attractive and elegant, though not trivial to implement cost effectively in Northern coastal climates. The challenge is that both daily and seasonally, the load and source don’t coincide.  When we need space heat,...
What We Do

Stage 3 Renewables is an innovative renewable energy company with an excellent reputation.

We provide design and engineering services for Commercial and Institutional clients. We retrofit energy efficient systems and we interface with boilers and heat pump systems. We provide expertise in controls - Direct Digital Control (DDC) and Building Automation Systems (BAS). We know how to save energy, lower heating bills, improve reliability and increase comfort. If you want the best performance and value, give us a call first.

Where We Work

Stage 3 Renewables is a British Columbia renewable energy company. We work throughout Coastal BC in places like, Greater Vancouver: Richmond, Burnaby, Delta, Surrey, Ladner, North Vancouver, White Rock, West Vancouver, The Fraser Valley: Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, Mission, North Fraser River: New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody. We bring Renewable Energy solutions to you! Call us today about your project.