Not Sure Where Your Energy Is Going and How to Conserve It?


 We won’t know how much we have improved if we don’t know where we started. Utility bills, existing energy management data, BAS data and facility use profiles are pulled into a single baseline energy profile to benchmark where we are at and to help identify areas ripe for improvement. Often traditional means are not available and we have to use standalone or networked data acquisition to complete the picture.


 Detailed facility, equipment and use audits will reveal opportunity. Technical solutions are proposed, energy savings calculated and cost estimates provided to help organize priorities and shake out the low hanging fruit.


 Working with the client to implement just the right energy conservation package. We handle Engineering, project management, installation and commissioning in one turn key package.

Measurement & Verification

No energy saving measure is complete without M & V. We will follow up for a prescribed time period and report on actual results.

We can help identify energy savings opportunity for your organization

Site audits and a handcrafted approach to energy saving opportunity

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