Solar Hot Water

Heat Your Water With Clean Energy From the Sun


  • Solar site assessment for shading and annual energy
  • Design, installation and service for residential packaged solar domestic hot water systems
  • Custom design and installation for large scale commercial and institutional solar hot water systems using industry standard energy modelling software, Polysun.

Why Solar Hot Water?

Efficiency  Modern collectors are capable of absorbing 80% of the solar radiation they see when used in a properly designed system.

Environment  Energy needs met with solar hot water directly displace the need for fossil fuel use and electrical power generation.

Operating Cost – Domestic hot water can account for 30-40% of a homes energy needs and a properly designed and installed solar hot water system can supply up to 80% of that energy. This means lower monthly bills, year after year.

Resale – The resale value of a building can increase with a reduced operating cost. Incentives – There are Federal and Provincial incentives available for new and retrofitted installations. Significant amounts are available for eligible residential, commercial, institutional and first nations projects.

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