Why Radiant In-Floor Heating?

It's Intelligent

Using water to move heat is smart. It takes a fraction of the energy to distribute the same amount of heat by pumping warm water than it does by blowing hot air. Plus, the ability to have separate temperature zones means you’re in control. No more chilly basements or stuffy upper floors.

It's Energy Efficient

Why waste energy? Instead of blowing hot air that just accumulates at the ceiling, in-floor heating delivers heat low down, right where people are. The result: less energy is required to create a higher level of comfort. 

It's Renewable Ready

The operating temperature of hydronic in-floor heating is matched perfectly with the output temperatures of renewable energy heat sources like Geothermal, Solar thermal & Biomass

It's Attractive

Discerning buyers know what radiant heating is worth. It instantly makes your property more desirable, and its future resale value will likely be increased.

Doing Radiant Right

At Stage 3 Renewables, we’re energy experts who love great design. Our specialty is combining renewable energy sources with the constant comfort of radiant in-floor heating.

Residential & commercial, we can provide design and installation services for projects of any size

As a teca certified contractor, you can expect reliability, simplicity, and performance from our radiant in-floor systems.

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