Occupying only 3 square meters, this single collector system is perfect for up to 2 or 3 people as a solar preheat system. With the closed loop glycol, remote monitoring, heat exchanger automatic anti-fouling, tank and collector overheat protection and long life pump, this system is truly hands-off and worry free.

Anti-scald valve

To maximize the solar storage while not compromising safety, an thermostatically controlled anti-scald valve was incorporated after the back-up electric tank. This allows both tanks to act as high temperature storage. By delivering hot water in excess of 130F to the backup tank, it will be less often that the back-up tank thermostat and element operate. By tempering the water delivered by the solar pre-heat, jacket losses from the back-up tank would require the electric element to “top up” to 130F. Its the small efficiency gains in the high solar season that optimize overall system performance.

Solar Pre-heat tank

By insulating all linesets and plumbing “heat traps” to minimize thermosyphoning further improves system long term performance.