Working With the Earth

Stage 3 Renewables is a BC based company that specializes in renewable heating, cooling, and energy systems.  Our company was born out of the desire to be part of a local solution to global energy issues.  By promoting awareness, conservation, and efficiency we provide real alternatives to business as usual. Our mission is to provide intelligent options that make a difference in the world.

We’re energy experts with a passion for great design. With more than a decade of Engineering experience in renewable energy, you can be sure your project will be handled professionally and your unique objectives met. We offer a diverse range of services and technologies that achieve dramatic reductions in energy use, utility bills, and environmental impact.  We work with homeowners, industry, and commercial clients to identify energy opportunities and to provide innovative solutions that produce real world results.  

Energy is all around us, but harnessing it effectively requires sound design and skillful installation. Our team includes Mechanical Engineers, Renewable Energy Technicians, and talented tradespeople.  We are certified with APEGBC,  The Canadian Geoexchange Coalition, CanSIA, and TECA.  Our focus on quality and performance is what we’re known for, and it’s why our clients recommend us.

Stage 3 Renewables got its start providing turn-key Geothermal/Geoexchange, Solar Hot Water, and Biomass Heating systems.  Over time, as we’ve worked with different facilities, we’ve developed the experience and knowledge to offer comprehensive energy services.  If you want great results, it’s important to see the big picture, and that’s what we’ve dedicated ourselves to.

If you have a design challenge, we would love to hear about it.  If you’re designing, building, or renovating we’ll work with you to create something you’ll be proud of.

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