Savings – Calculated $280 CAD/year energy cost, 8.69GJ/year, displacing 2,420 kWh/year of electricity, 1/5 Ton/year CO2 equivalent reduction

Type – Preheat domestic hot water 80USGAL, closed loop propylene glycol, thermosyphon loop

Equipment – Delta T controller, anti scald valve, isolation valves, double wall heat exchanger

Installation – Rooftop 3/12 pitch, 200 degrees

Solar thermal preheat tank

The brains of the installation is the delta t controller that compares rooftop and preheat tank sensors to decide if there is useful solar gain available. If this condition is met, the pump is started and the heat transfer fluid circulated. Careful plumbing permits water to thermosyphon where we want it to and stop it where we don’t.

Racking installation and layout

Flat plate collector