This installation uses a CSA approved packaged solar hot water preheat system. The collectors are of the flat plate variety with a mix of food grade propylene glycol and water as the heat transfer fluid. With this type of collector, roof penetrations, linesets, connections, mounting rail and all hardware is hidden beneath the collectors. The collectors even look similar to a skylight, who says solar isn’t beautiful?

These collectors are particularly innovative with an overheat protection capability built right into them. If the collector meets the overheat condition, vents on the backside of the collector sheet open and allow natural convective currents to cool the collector. The differential controller, double wall heat exchanger, pump and manifold are all contained in the solar energy unit.

Enerworks Solar Energy Unit


In keeping with the clean, modular design of the solar energy unit and collector array, the lineset and temperature sensor wire to the roof were insulated and completely hidden from sight in a colour matched false downspout, which blends perfectly with the others.

Hidden Lineset, False Downspout